ACAH 2022 Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceeding – My First Publication!

My latest-research related project was the final project of my master’s degree. I recorded a piano and violin duo of Hungarian Dances for the practical aspect of my final project. In addition, I wrote a supplementary recording journal and examined the impact of COVID-19 on performing arts to delineate the context of the recordings. My final project was around 11,000 words with 11.5 minutes of recorded material. I successfully defended this project and presented it as a live-stream session at the 13th Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities (ACAH2022) in Tokyo, Japan. I was also the chair of the Interdisciplinary Media session at this conference. After the oral presentation, I submitted a paper as conference proceeding entitled “Recording of a Piano and Violin Duo: A Case Study to Explore Challenges and Opportunities of Recording during the COVID-19 Pandemic” to the conference proceedings published in August 2022. This is my first publication so far! DOI and PDF below:

Conference Proceeding

You can find the full final project text at: Master of Arts in Music: Final Project.

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